PALERMO The BadBoy Of Freestyle

The story begins.....

 David Palermo AKA PALERMO THE MUTHA FUKN' BADBOY OF FREESTYLE was born January 14th 1974 in New York City and moved to Reading PA at the early age of 3. PALERMO was heavily influenced by a family full of musicians , singers and band members. 

 " I can clearly remember a basement that barely fit 8 people filled with a 14 piece band plus instruments and me being so close to my brother musically that he found a small spot for me on the steps and gave me 2 sticks to bang together so I can feel like I was part of the band. It was at that early age of 3 or 4 years old that I was introduced to my passion for music" 

   -   David Palermo.

    As the years passed PALERMO went thru various stages of music from marching bands , orchestras , choirs until he finally found his true passion which was singing and music production. 

 " I love all music from all generations and genres I wouldn't even know where to begin my list!!!"

   - David Palermo. 

        but ......

 In the late 80s PALERMO found his first love in freestyle music and knew this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

 As a natural musician and singer PALERMO loved and listened to anything appealing to him no matter what the sound style which was Instant leverage over others being it gave an understanding to a whole world of different music. 

 Signed at an early age of 21 PALERMO had the chance to witness the ups , downs , fails and successes that come with the industry. 

 Now as an independent Artist with SAY IT LOUDER PROMOTIONS.......

PALERMO THE MUTHA FUKN' BADBOY OF FREESTYLE has a new revamped look , style , image and persona that is ready to conquer the Latin Dance music scene.

 So on that note prepare for a whirlwind of craziness and feel good music with



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