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Angela Esquilin aka Angela E was born in Hartford CT and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  Angela had taken  an interest in music as early as the age of four. She was involved in the school choir where her musical talents were recognized.  Angela wrote her first song called “Where Did All Of Our Love Go” however it was never promoted due to her not being signed to an independent record label.   In 2016 Angela wrote a song called “Standing On My Own” which related to her personal experience with domestic violence. Angela linked up with legendary producer Artie Rodriguez and the song was released in December 2016. Still today Angela continues to work with Artie. Angela started her music with the Freestyle genre and is now doing music in dance/ EDM genre and making a name for herself as a multi genre artist.

    Angela has gone through a series of traumatic events she was in a coma and had 2 strokes as well as being a survivor of domestic violence, in which she is an advocate for domestic violence awareness.

     She continues her music journey by writing and recording new songs. Angela E is also affiliated with  Say It Louder Promotions, which is her team to help her promote on all social media platforms, and also where she works closely with the DJ’s and other artist that are working with Say It Louder Promotions.



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