At Say It Louder Promotions, we specialize in social media marketing. Our job is creating event video flyers, contact info video flyers, promoting events on all social media platforms, writing and fixing bios among other things. Our goal at Say It Louder is to get our clients seen as much as possible. You will not just find us at Say It Louder Promotions, we also are apart of some amazing groups, businesses and are fortunate to be apart of some amazing talented singers.


You can find us with the following names…

Administrator for The Freestyle Radio (

 Administrator for Music Lovers Radio (

Manager for PALERMO - The BadBoy of Freestyle

 Associate Producer and Personal Assistant to the host 

 Interview booking agent for DJ RaceR ( - Social Media/Personal Assistant for Bennie Velez

Social media Promoter for Angela E


-Social Media-

 Administrator for Forever Freestyle Music DJ CC  Administrator for DJ CC Music 60s 70s 80s 90s and over the year

 Administrator for Boriqua Posse

Administrator for U-Dance/ Angela E

 Moderator for Duheart Music Group

 Moderator for Luis Alas